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You and your TV are family.

By Ali Twaha

It was 6:45 pm when she signed-out from her usually tiring job. Darkness was beginning to shove light away. Stuck in the gridlock and her mind only hooked on the clock at the front of the car, her face looked worried and even when she regaled her mind with facebook from her smart phone, still she seemed anxious.  
Twenty minutes later, she got back home, ready to watch her favorite soap opera as she normally does on a daily basis, in a jiffy after opening her door, her eyes soaked in tears and her face soiled with sadness. She had been robbed while at work. There were many things stolen but what hurt her most was the Samsung flat screen she was sent by the fiance living abroad as a birthday present. Each time she remembered her lovely program on the giant screen, she relapsed into sorrow. The house felt so empty and forlorn without a TV. The television meant a lot to her. She is not alone, as our television sets have turned to be part of us in this age, given the programs…

The death of letter writing

BY Ali Twaha

The youth today with the advent of the social media facebook, twitter, instagram you name it. Society especially youth have gotten lazy with letter writing. The effect of social media is hitting hard on society. One may also be surprised that even undergraduates are not better writers themselves, majority cannot even write a simple comprehensive application letter for a job. The elites among members of the society tend to depend more on the internet and decided to shun the library. Youth are ever looking for a short-cut to pass information, feelings, opinions, thereby distorting the whole essence of communication.
So worrisome now is that the social media bug is hitting hard at our children (primary and secondary pupils) who have become so disinterested in letter writing, this has been one of the many reasons they don’t score good and passable grades at terminal examinations.
I want to submit that authorities in the education sector should compel schools across Uganda to m…