The death of letter writing

BY Ali Twaha

The youth today with the advent of the social media facebook, twitter, instagram you name it. Society especially youth have gotten lazy with letter writing. The effect of social media is hitting hard on society. One may also be surprised that even undergraduates are not better writers themselves, majority cannot even write a simple comprehensive application letter for a job. The elites among members of the society tend to depend more on the internet and decided to shun the library. Youth are ever looking for a short-cut to pass information, feelings, opinions, thereby distorting the whole essence of communication.

So worrisome now is that the social media bug is hitting hard at our children (primary and secondary pupils) who have become so disinterested in letter writing, this has been one of the many reasons they don’t score good and passable grades at terminal examinations.
I want to submit that authorities in the education sector should compel schools across Uganda to make letter writing very compulsory. The shorthand style of writing and spellings have taken over good grammar in today’s sentences, no wonder some students mistakenly forget and answer examinations questions using the social media spellings!

A lot of children can speak the English language beautifully but can hardly put pen to paper! Most of them converse sweetly on phone but they loathe writing.
Please keep up the good work.

English is an alien language imported by the colonialists, however in Uganda we don’t have common language to bind us thus the colonial language is the only option. We apply for jobs in English, write our examinations in English hence we ought to write the correct English.

Ali Twaha is a 2nd year student of Mass Communication 
Islamic University In Uganda 


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