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Repeating fails hardworking students

Recently a student of Trinity College Nabbingo committed suicide after she was advised to repeat a class. The parents to this girl agreed with the teachers to repeat the student against her will. It’s alleged that this forced her to end her life. 
Some school teachers often make students repeat classes with intensions that they might catch up and better their grades. According to a research carried out by it was found out that, students who repeat a grade tended to be less likely to do their homework, they had more days absent from school, they tended to be a bit lower on the academic engagement and motivational scale, they were lower in academic confidence and they were lower in their general self-esteem.  

The system of repeating classes does work to students in their early years of schooling. Rather than seeing class repetition as a default opinion for under achievement. We should think of options that can be rolled out to keep a child with their peers. We should…

Let’s unite against the West

By Ali Twaha
The decision by President Museveni to sign the Anti-Homosexuality Bill into law proved that he was ready to fend-off foreign influence.
As Ugandans, we are blessed with the value of culture. The West should be taught to respect our cultural and religious beliefs before luring us into contrary behaviours.

They have used human rights as a mask to whatever evil they want to push through.  We may need foreign aid, but I pray that our self-esteem continues to take precedence.

Irrespective of our religious affiliations, it is time for all Ugandans to unite and fight-off this satanic act.

Ali Twaha is a 2nd year student of Mass Communication  Islamic University In Uganda

Pre-marital sex dangerous

By Ali Twaha Evidence has shown that couples who wait until marriage to have sexual intercourse report more satisfying sex life than those who do the reverse. The degree of sexual damage people receive is mostly dependant on how they were sexually involved before marriage. Not everyone who has sex gets pregnant. Not everyone who has unprotected sex contracts HIV or other STDs. Yet enough people do repeatedly warn people of the potential dangers. Sadly, pre-marital sex, which can negatively affect people for the rest of their lives, is not given utmost attention. We need to re-programme the way we think about sex, beyond simply the fears associated with disease. Ali Twaha is a 2nd year student of Mass Communication  Islamic University In Uganda