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RVR gets locomotives

The Rift Valley Railways (RVR) has received three new electric locomotives as a measure to boost the industrial sector. The trains will increase RVR’s cargo haulage capacity to about one million tonnes, the company said in a statement. The procured equipments are part of a Shs 60bn purchase to acquire 20 locomotives that are expected in the country soon. The trains have the capacity to move 1,200 tonnes. Speaking at the function at RVR main offices in Kampala this week, the chairman RVR, Charles Mbiire, said it takes time to bring in such assets. “We had to reestablish the company, borrow and these are not things you pick from the shelves. We are not the only country that buys them [locomotives]. So, you have to order for them and sometimes they can take two to three years,” Mbiire said. Mbiire explained that a one-way trip from Mombasa to Kampala will now take less than four days, down from eight days

How pre-packaged goods fared during UNBS tests

A recent investigation by Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) shone the spotlight on city supermarkets over the sale of rotten beef products. However, if an investigation by The Observer is anything to go by, then most of the pre-packaged commodities in the supermarkets at least come in the right quantities. On August 1, The Observer obtained samples of pre-packed products including sugar, milk, rice, and salt manufactured locally and availed them to Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) offices in Katwe for re-weighing. The household items were randomly selected from supermarkets around the city. The samples were only tested for quantity since the major objective of the survey was to determine the weights of such basic pre-packaged products used on a daily basis by people. Issues regarding quality and labelling were not considered during this investigation. Test results With its packaging stripped off, a kilo of Kinyara sugar posted a gross weight of 1,006.9gm, according to a…