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TradeMark happy with East Africa trade indicators

TradeMark East Africa has announced that it will inject about $90m (about Shs 261bn) to promote infrastructural development projects in the region. The announcement came after some data showed that trade in the region had picked up partly as a result of the ease with which cargo is cleared throughout the different corridors, an initiative that TradeMark East Africa was active in facilitating. “This year we are focusing [to invest] around the same about $85 to $90m. The results presented in this annual report point to an ever-improving trade environment which is expected to spur investments and ultimately benefit the citizens of East Africa,” said Frank Matsaert, the CEO TradeMark East Africa. He continued: “TMEA is playing an important role as a catalyst in mobilizing around $600 million at Dar es Salaam port to improve its performance through better infrastructure and port operations. Our partnership at both Mombasa and Dar es Salaam ports involves an innovative approach, mixing har…

UCMP ask govt to issue Tullow, Total licences

The Uganda Chamber of Mines and Petroleum, an association of private players involved in the extractives industry, wants government to expedite the insurance of production licenses to two oil companies - a process, it says, “will result into increased business opportunities in the country.”
Releasing a statement after government had announced the preferred bidder for the country’s refinery, Elly Karuhanga, the chairman of the chamber, said: “Whereas news on the refinery is very exciting, we call upon the government of Uganda to apply similar decisiveness on the other lacunas in the oil and gas and mining industries, especially the issue concerning the issuance of production licenses to Total E&P and Tullow Plc, and the scrapping of taxation on exploration projects.” For more than a year, Total and Tullow have been engaged in negotiations over the issue of production licenses. The two companies submitted requests for productions on at least six wells. Only Chinese firm Cnooc receiv…

Malaba gets one-stop border post

The clearance of cargo along the Uganda-Kenya Malaba border post is expected to be faster, relieving that point of the traffic congestion that had become a headache, after the opening of the one-stop-border post [OSBP].
Under the new arrangement, authorities on both sides of the border will simultaneously speed up clearance of cargo. During the launch of the border post recently, Uganda Revenue Authority [URA] officials said that all cargo coming from Kenyan would only stop at the Ugandan side for joint inspection. Clearance of trucks carrying goods across the border is anticipated to take four hours or less compared to the two days it usually took. The construction of the border post cost Shs 15bn, with proceeds coming from government and the World Bank. Speaking during the handover ceremony of the OSBP to URA, Richard Kamajugo, the commissioner customs department at URA, said traders were facing delays at the border. “We used to occasionally have those build-ups of traffic and truc…

Kalangala’s power plant underutilised

The newly-commissioned solar thermal power project in Kalangala district is operating below capacity because of less demand in the area. According to Kalangala Infrastructure Services Ltd [KIS], the company charged with developing different infrastructure services on a public-private partnership [PPP] with the government, the power plant has a maximum capacity of 1.6 megawatts [MW]. However, the company adds, only 400 kilowatts [KW] are being consumed. “We are currently operating at 400KW only. Now, the implication of having a 1.6MW against a demand of 400KW is that we are still bringing up the customer base. We want more investors to come and utilize this resource,” said John Opiro, the managing director of KIS. Opiro was speaking during the commissioning of the second ferry, MV Ssese at Bugala island in Kalangala district last week. The aim of this project is to change the face of Kalangala economically by encouraging tourists and investors to flock the region as the infrastructure…

WWF gets Shs 6bn for conservation

The World Wide Fund for nature [WWF] has received Euros 2.1m [about Shs 6.3bn] from the European Union [EU] and the French Global Environment Facility [FGEF] to implement the ‘Sustainable Financing of the Rwenzori Mountains National Park project’ in the Rwenzori landscape. The money will be spent in the districts of Kasese, Ntoroko, Bundibugyo and Kabarole. The co-financing project aims to achieve effective conservation of the Rwenzori Mountains national park through the development of a sustainable financing mechanism that realizes the potential value of the natural resources with involvement of the private sector, according to a press statement. One of the goals of the project is to improve the incomes of the poor populations around the areas, according to WWF. “Mountain Rwenzori is a potential gold mine for Uganda. A gold mine which does not need extractive infrastructure, scores of miners and conflicts for land property. It only needs enthusiastic people and a good park managemen…

Parents are the reason we are top - City Parents’ School

City Parents’ School have attributed their success in primary leaving exams to their good relationship with parents. The school’s deputy head teacher, Paul Richard Kasadha, explained over the weekend, that this was why more parents were sending their children to the school. “The parents should expect a complete child. Getting [aggregate] four is not enough but we are looking forward to producing a child that can have a four and is good at all the other areas like football, dance and drama,” Kasadha said. “A child that is self-driven and can express himself or herself”. He added that they were also proud of their teachers. “[We] cannot work in isolation without the dedication of the teachers and the administration. But you know when the administration understands the teacher it is working with, and it understands their problems - you know they are human beings. That is when good performance can be realised,” Kasadha added. Kasadha’s comments follow consistent good performance by the s…

Vodafone launches data services

Vodafone Uganda has commercially launched voice and 4G LTE high-speed data services. The company said the 4G high-speed data services will initially be available in Kampala and Entebbe, with plans to rapidly expand to other cities soon. The customers outside Kampala will initially have access to 2G and in some areas 3G services. Tage Rasmussen, the acting chief executive officer for Vodafone Uganda, said: “Vodafone services are designed for individual users, small-to-medium businesses, as well as large organisations that desire reliable and fast connections that are well priced.” “Our offers are in line with the Vodafone promise of delivering worry-free solutions to our customers,” Rasmussen said. The company has promised to offer reliable internet connection. Vodafone Uganda is part of the global telecoms group Vodafone, which has mobile operations in 26 countries and partners with mobile networks in 54 more, including the largest footprint of 4G network across Europe. As part of th…